Alexandre Giroux

Alexandre Giroux

Alexandre Giroux is a Canadian lawyer with a somewhat unconventional path:

In 2013, Alexandre visited Mexico for the first time. It was his first international trip, and it completely changed his life:

Upon leaving the Cancun airport, he was captivated by the beauty of the landscape: the sun illuminating the palm trees, the exotic birds, and, of course, the stunning blue sea and its wonderful white sandy beaches. However, Alexandre’s true epiphany occurred when he began interacting with Mexican locals, with whom he quickly realized he had a strong affinity. From this first trip, Alexandre understood that Latin America would be a permanent part of his life: his love for the region was immediate and total.

A few months after this initial trip, Alexandre bought a one-way ticket to Mexico. He planned to spend about two months there to learn Spanish. Shortly after arriving in the country, he began studying Spanish at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He dedicated himself to the task and quickly became a fluent Spanish speaker, allowing him to interact with locals, make friends, and better understand their culture. Ultimately, Alexandre loved Mexico so much that he stayed for about a year – though he initially planned to stay only two months!

During his year in Mexico, Alexandre decided to pursue university studies that would allow him to work in Latin America. He returned to Canada to enroll in the Integrated Bachelor’s Program in International Studies and Modern Languages at Laval University in Quebec City. During his studies, Alexandre perfected his Spanish and began learning Portuguese. He completed his final year of university in an exchange program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he perfected his Portuguese language skills.

After completing his first degree, Alexandre studied law, a field that had always interested him. He joined the ranks of McGill University in Montreal. During his law studies, Alexandre became passionate about criminal law, a field he decided to dedicate himself to.

Alexandre began his legal career in Vancouver, British Columbia. There, he worked at two highly respected criminal defense firms. Later, he moved to Montreal, where he continued practicing criminal law at a private firm.

Although he loved criminal law, Latin America constantly held a significant place in Alexandre’s thoughts, as he had long entertained the idea of relocating there. This idea eventually became a life plan: to immigrate to Colombia, establish a Canadian immigration law firm there, and help Latin Americans who dream of moving to Canada to realize their dreams.

Alexandre now lives in Bogotá. However, he can help you immigrate to Canada, regardless of the country you are currently in.


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